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Company Introduction

We are DRIVETECH of South Korea.

DRIVETECH is an R&D and Manufacturing company that provides high efficiency, standardization, and advancement of powertrain system as leader of automobile components.

<Main Products>

- E-mobility , BLDC(Brushless Direct Current)-motor, Drive-motor of lectric vehicle, Reduction gear box, Controller and automotive parts particularly.
- Electric Vehicle Operating System Service [ EV + E-Charger + Technical transfer ]

- Technacal Education for EV [ Vehicle assembly technology, Maintenance technology, A / S, Safety management, Vehicle operation management system ]

- We are building products based on electric vehicles, but if you need them, we have the ability to apply these products to a variety of industries.


<Advantages and Innovations of DRIVETECH>
- 20 years of accumulated know-how of design and development of automobile parts.
- Have its own R&D sector for optimal design system and quality assurance system for products.
- Continuous development support service of various products suitable for customer's business environment.

If you tell us what you are interested in, we can send you more accurate information.
And you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us.

We want to have an opportunity to work together.



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