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Company Introduction

Our main clients are domestic and overseas automotive and electronics companies, construction machinery and civil companies, aerospace and shipbuilding companies, as well as associated parts and components companies. We are composed of experienced engineers and technical consultants. We work with domestic government agencies, universities and our domestic and overseas partners to make sure our customers provide better technology services.

In addition, we also sell the software and testing equipment required for testing and CAE analysis, provide technical support and training. We provide total solution on the technical parts you need, such as testing, CAE analysis, development and Sales. We are always striving to develop our technology for the best, and we will do our best to provide the best solution for your needs.


Consulting Service CieL-S!

CieL-S is a professional company that specializes in consulting of NVH, durability test, CAE, material properties test, motor development, green car development, vibration-proof mount & bush development and sound package development. We provide a total-engineering service to our customers. We are committed to product development and business development. In addition, we contributed to the development of the Korean technology industry.



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