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  • 2005
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Company Introduction

Sincere Tech is located in Changping, Dongguan City of China. A profession Injection mold china company since 2005 that came into plastic mold maker and plastic molding making business, the company has shown promising growth each year and this is the reason why today it accumulates to over 30 million RMB.

What makes us unique?

With so many others in the business, what is it that has made us this successful in all these years? Let us take a look at some features that make us unique and a preferred choice for our customers.

It all starts with the factory

Our plastic mold company is clean, everything is well orderly and properly managed. When it comes to the technology we use, we make sure that at Sincere Tech we use nothing but only the most advanced and high technology available, be it for software or hardware systems around the factory. This helps us take control of the quality of injection mold we produce. To make good quality molds and parts, we use a High-speed FUNAC CNC machine which was imported straight from Japan with over 24,000 rotate speed. Moreover, we have two big CNC machines over 2 meter strokes, full automatic Three coordinates measuring (CMM) machine to ensure that our processes are fast, efficient and precision. Those high tech equipment plus our professional team help us to meet our targets.


We are here to solve your issue, A injection mold china company offer you the best sulotion for your injection molding parts and injection molds requirement

A ISO 9001:2008 certified, Your Trusted Parts Assembly, Plastic Molds, Plastic Molding Manufacturing & Die Casting manufacturing Partner in China

We are not only make plastic injection molds and injection molded parts for you, but also your technical supporting team.

We take care all of your part design issue and technical issue on your new products development. You have all of our team to success your business.

We strive on ensuring quality and satisfaction of our customers and we guaranteed satisfaction,



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