Suk, Sang-Keun
DAIN D.S Co., Ltd.

‘The World’s leader in DAIN DS Co., Ltd.‘ 'Challenge the defective rate 0%' DAIN DS is best efforts for the best quality and follow-up management through constant innovations in techniques.

Kang, Jun-Yeong
NOS Co., Ltd.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your interest in NOS Co., Ltd. NOS Co., Ltd., pioneers of new industry horizons with nature, we specialize in remanufacture of common rail injector and high-pressure pump products. With our specialized technology and quality control, auto parts that are end of their life cycle are able to regain its new performance and life expectancy. Our business contributes economically by reducing resources, manpower, time and energy used for new products. In addition, we steadily nurture the remanufacturing manpower to make the best efforts in terms of job creation. We, NOS Co., Ltd., will do our best to make the environment beautiful and clear for this generation as well as for the next generation, in accordance with the name of 'Nature One Systematics'.